la rubia organic yerba mateLa Rubia — 4 of 5 palos
Type: Organic / Aged 2 years / Con palos
Region: Obligado, Paraguay
Company: Eugen Junghanns
Gourd Used: Wooden
Reviewed: 9/6/2012

Description of La Rubia Yerba Mate

This Paraguayan yerba has been aged for two years. It has that typical steady, sour backbone found in yerbas from Paraguay. It’s similar to Palo Alto (PA) in taste, but smoother; this can be because PA blends several sources of yerba. La Rubia, a family operation, produces a limited amount of this organic yerba with only twenty employees. Velvety layered textures of tobacco, cherry, dark chocolate, and tart make this a gourmet and sophisticated yerba.

Cut 4.75 palos

Excellent fine Paraguayan cut. Nearly perfect combination of stems, powder, and leaves. Fluffy, with well-blended chopped palos, mixed with a healthy amount of grainy powder and finely-minced leaves. Includes some splinter palos, but not fine enough to come through the bombilla. Excellent cut for yerba molding.

Body/Texture/Taste 3.90 palos

Light body. Excellent velvety textures. Smooth and consistent taste profile. Mild to dark chocolate. Some mild tart and lemon. Rich and creamy blending with sharper, more robust notes. Good harmonization. Some clay.

Nose 4 palos

Rich dark chocolate with hints of strawberry and cherry. Tobacco. Brown sugar. Tinges of lemon and green apple peel.

Finish 3.75 palos

Some tart. It’s a bit edgy and steely. Lemon. Some roundness is lost, though still remains pleasurable. Metallic notes. Wet pavement. Flatter composition.

Cycle 3.60 palos

Short/Medium cycle. Good green-teaing.


This delicate yerba should be drunk with water no higher than 75-80ºC; New drinkers will appreciate the floral taste of this yerba, but may be thrown off by the sour notes. Seasoned drinkers will appreciate a new taste not replicated in Gaucho and Argentine mates. Paraguayan yerbas have a vibrancy of taste, jumping from rich to sweet, playing hopscotch on your palate. There’s a movability of taste and texture that’s unmatched.

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