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Mate Circle: Mate All Day

Jan 31, 2011

Yerba Mate Lotus Flower

Yerba Mate, The Drink of Friendship

Mate is commonly referred to as “The Drink of Friendship” for a reason. Its “power” goes beyond its ability to increase your health and awareness, and even extends to strengthening the bond between you and those who you sit down and share a with. I first experienced mate by myself, and felt as if I had been deeply meditating for a long time. It wasn’t until I shared a yerba mate gourd with a friend that I realized the great potential that mate has for bringing people closer. We laughed, spoke about things that mattered and didn’t matter to us, and we let go of the illusion of time and just chilled.

Instead of focusing on the why, in regards to the fact that mate brings people closer together, its more useful to stop thinking and just accept the is. Yerba mate is a drink that brings people closer. Mate is beneficial to your physical, mental and life health. Sharing a gourd with someone means sharing an experience of togetherness that is often difficult to achieve in our daily hustle and bustle. These moments of unity not only allow us to realize the potential in the bonds that we have with others, but also the potential within ourselves.

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