MDO’s First Mate Experience

Does yerba mate get you high?

…is the first question that many people ask me when I talk to them about mate. The second question is usually, Can I have some?

This video deals with the latter question, during which I introduced my friend, MDO, to the wonderful drink that is yerba mate tea. Regardless of what people, or even I, say about what mate is and isn’t, people just need to jump in and experience yerba mate for themselves.

We go through a few cycles of Amanda mate in this video, which I have found to be one of the best mates out there. It’s very bitter (armago), but that’s how I’ve liked it from day one. I’m not a big fan of sweet (dulce) mate, which contains sugar or other sweet things in it. While Amanda is one of my favorites, I plan to start drinking Cruz De Malta once I run out.

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