Mold in Yerba Mate Gourd? Here’s How to Save it.

mold in my yerba mate gourd

The best way to remove mold from your yerba mate gourd is to allow it to fully dry. Mold cannot survive without moisture. Place your gourd is the sun for a few hours or allow it to dry on a counter near an open window.

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Green, furry, and slimly. Could it be a slug? Some little critter on your lawn? Or nasty soup your mom just plopped down on the table. Yum…But in our case, unfortunately, it’s mold growing in our favorite drinking vessel: the yerba mate gourd. DAMNIT!!

No bueno.
But chill.
I got you!

Ways for dealing with mold in yerba mate gourd

    • Let’s shine some light on this moldy problem.
      Literally. The best way to deal with mold in a yerba mate gourd is placing it in direct sunlight for a few hours a day, repeating until your gourd is drier than a baby’s ass after a fresh change. Mold hates the sun, so burn it away like Vampire Bill sitting in a park, midday.


    • Keep it dirty dirty dirty!
      Wasn’t that a song? Anyways, never wash your yerba mate gourd with soap. Rinse it with extremely hot water from the tap and make sure to scrape out any remaining debris each time. Then place it on its side and allow to dry fully.


    • Don’t cramp your gourd’s style.
      Let that baby rest! Ever have one of those girlfriends that stay on you like a hungry mosquito thirsting for blood? I’ve had my fair share and that shit ain’t cool. Don’t be that way with your gourd. Give it room and space to chill out for a few days between use. This actually helps keep it cured and in top shape; it’s the exact reason why a calabash yerba mate gourd can last you several years. The gourd will clean itself.


Here’s a video explaining what to do with a moldy yerba mate gourd and how to cure your yerba mate gourd:

So rest assured, chillax, your moldy gourd is—in most cases—salvageable. No need to toss it. Hit it with sun, give it time off between use, and never wash it with soap.

I recommend having at least 2–3 gourds, allowing you to cycle through fresh gourds while the others are fully drying. Glass, wood, and calabash is how I roll.

Gourds up!