Piporé Despalada (without stems): A Strong and Sturdy Yerba

pipore despaladasanto pipó misiones, argentinaPiporé — 3.95 of 5 palos — reviewed 8/18/2012
Type: Despalada (no palos)
Region: Santo Pipó, Misiones, Argentina
Gourd Type: Wooden

Description of Pipore  Despalada Yerba Mate

This despalada version of Piporé shows less sweetness and roundness of taste than it’s Traditional counterpart. Without the palos, more strength and Gaucho-like properties come forth. There’s a strong cement character with edgy tones of steel and metal. With very low powder, this yerba is less viscous, which doesn’t seem to hurt its expression too badly—though a bit more would have achieved better harmonization. I find this yerba, albeit having some astringent and sharp edges, to be nearly as elegant and floral as the Traditional.

Cut 3.90 palos

Closer to a Clean Cut than anything else. It contains powder, but not much, accounting for its Gaucho-esque strength. Beautiful assemblage of yellow and brown hues interspersed with varying degrees of green. A few thin palos here and there, but nothing substantial. There’s a nice fluffiness and movability to the cut.

Body/Texture/Taste 3.75 palos

Medium to full bodied. Strong backbone with Gaucho maltiness and stout. Some light astringency in the opening, but quickly harmonized with sharp malt folding into dark chocolates, smooth coffee, and matured tobacco leaves. Velvety textures.

Nose 4.75 palos

Delicious caramel popcorn and brown sugar and honey tones. My nose is embraced with the homely, sweet simplicity of this fragrance.

Finish 3.75 palos

Reliable, sturdy finish. Rounder, milk chocolate developments. Floral notes harmonizing well with malty and stout profiles. No tart or astringency, but some light lime. Some clay.

Cycle 3.65 palos

Medium to long cycle. Good black-teaing.

Overall: 3.95 of 5 palos


This is a good go-between of a traditional Argentine and a Gaucho yerba: it has a lightness and smoothness of a Argentine cut, but also has bold and muscular tones of a Gaucho. If you like Kraus Gaucho, Canarias, Rosamonte (traditional) and Amanda, it’ll be worth trying this yerba. This is one of the most reliable mates coming out of the Misiones.

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