Sleek Alpaka Steel Bombilla
7.5in, 19cm • 24g • 120 filter count

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A Minimal Bombilla

The first cousin of Katana, Asana takes on a minimal and pared down persona, devoid of the stamped embellishments on the superthin shaft. A crisp copper neck adds a touch of quiet elegance for a beautiful dash of color. The soft alpaka alloy glows with a mirror-like reflection. Excellent for all coarse cut yerbas.

Asana Yerba Mate Bombilla

Asana Yerba Mate Bombilla

Asana Yerba Mate Bombilla

Asana Yerba Mate Bombilla

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Recommend Pairings

Sits well with smaller gourds not exceeding 4.5 in, 11.4 cm in height. Best suited for coarser cut Argentine and Paraguayan yerbas and tererés. You may use it with ervas, but with considerable adjustment. Energy Cups and Acero Cups pair beautifully with Asana.

Understanding Alpaka Steel

Keep in mind that alpaka (alpaca) steel is a considerably softer material than stainless steel. What you lose in strength, you gain in an elegant hue and luster. Over time, the filter will wear down naturally. Most Materos continue to use the bombilla as it remains structurally sound.

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