Cultyvada Nativa Chimarrão

A Gateway to the South


Vacuum Sealed • Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil Region • 500g

All Roads Lead South

In spring 2020 I lived in Southern Brazil for several months and tasted dozens of ervas throughout my journey. Some superlight, others super-robust. What drew me to Cultyvada Chimarrão was the perfect balance between bold and ethereal. Rich malt bounces off sweet and subtle green and floral flavors, achieving a gorgeous balance in your cuia.

Cultyvada Nativa Erva Mate Cultyvada Nativa Erva Mate Tea Cultyvada Nativa Chimarrao Erva Mate 500g

Playful and fun vibes, for sure. In both passion and character, here’s an erva that encapsulates the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul with great precision. Journey with me and close your eyes and see all the hands, farms, weather, land and passion that carefully went into each pack.

This isn’t an erva, it’s a portal to another world where erva reigns supreme, proud and resolute.


Cultyvada x Circle of Drink

Cultyvada Nativa Chimarra Erva Mate

In 2020 we partnered with Cultyvada farm of Ilópolis, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. For over 60 years, Cultyvada has been at the fore of gourmet erva mate in Brazil. They are known for their silky smooth and subtle ervas, with both traditional (nativa) and modern blends.


Erva mate from Ilópolis, Brazil.


How to Prepare Erva Mate

Enjoy hot or cold.

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