Night Walker

Darkly roasted and fierce, Night Walker may have you lurking the night. Dark espresso flavors with roasted yerba mate make for a powerful blend. Rich, malty, nutty, and smooth, here’s your ultimate herbal coffee replacement.

Night Walker Roasted Yerba Mate Tea by ©Circle of Drink Looking for an herbal coffee replacement? Look no further. Night Walker is the black stallion of high energy herbal teas. The beast has been unleashed and ready to stomp power and energy into every sip. Handcrafting ancient herbs known for their natural energizing abilities, Night Walker provides that rich espresso flavor you’re seeking, with complex layers of chocolate, coffee, toasted nuts, cinnamon, malty beer, oats, molasses, and caramel. This blends won’t only keep you alert and razor-focused, but provide a muscular flavor profile that’s on par with the full body gourmet coffee, all with less than half the caffeine. Works great in a french press, mate gourd, or moka pot. Ingredients: organic roasted yerba mate, organic roasted dandelion root, organic roasted chicory, organic roasted carob, organic maca powder, organic guarana seed powder, organic vanilla bean, organic coconut oil, brown sugar. Buh bye coffee! Herbal Coffee Replacement

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