More than a straw, the bombilla is a tool for sharing. Finely crafted from soft alpaca steel, the Palermo is a work of art.

The bombilla isn't just a straw, it's a tool for sharing yerba mate.

Preparing a fresh gourd, carefully adjustung the bombilla, a bit of cold water, your precisely heated mate water, then that first sip... Oh, yes, it's an experience. Each sip an expression of yourself — your own style of making a delicious mate. The gift of mate. Finely crafted with the same level of precision and care, the Palermo bombilla is on another level of artistry. A bombilla made by a Matero for the Matero – made with soft alpaca steel to fully control the contour and flow of shape. Every piece in the collection is unique.


7.25 in / 18.4 cm palermo8 palermo7 palermo6 palermo5 palermo4 palermo3 palermo2 palermo1

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