Rio Grande Pin Collection


Collection of 6 Rio Grande do Sul (RS) enamel filled pins with authentic Gaucho colors and emblems of Southern Brazil culture.

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Rio Grande Pin Collection – Spring/Summer 2022

Rio Grande do Sul (RS) is the most recognized state of erva mate culture throughout Brazil. For thousands of years, long before the Spanish and Portuguese invaded these ancient lands, erva mate has been deeply rooted in Guarani and Tupi peoples’ history. Despite numerous wars, land annexations and dozens of government bodies in and out of power, this humble southern state of Brazil still represents the Gaucho lifestyle and culture with great pride, honor and resilience — erva mate being at the center of it all. The colors and emblems of these pins signal not only the region, but respect for the Way of the Gaucho.

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Material: Zinc alloy; enamel filled; gold color with butterfly clasp.

Weight 3 oz