Rosco Alpaca


Textured print handle • Alpaca spoon bombilla • 30g • 7.48in, 19cm • Ideal for gourds under 5in.

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Simple, sturdy and true. Rosco alpaca is crafted with lustrous alpaca steel with a textured diagonal stamped handle with a coordinating vertical stamped accenting ring — a stylish grip. Pairs well with gourds not exceeding 5 inches, 12.5 cm.

Rosco Alpaca Spoon Bombilla - 7.48in, 19cm

Additional information


  • Length: 7.48 in, 19 cm
  • Weight: 30g
  • Material: Alpaca alloy
  • Type: Spoon
  • Filter count: 95+

Care and Storage

Alpaca alloy is significantly softer than stainless steel, so expect natural dull and wear to occur with extended use. Avoid using the filter to scrape out spent yerba from gourd. Wash with warm soapy water and/or boil for 5 minutes for a deep clean.  Maintain lustre by wrapping bombilla in a soft cloth when full dry.

Weight 3 oz