Explosive berries collide with zesty fruits, Sangria is wonderfully versatile and complex. Enjoy cold or hot.

Ebulliently berrylicious bonanza!

Sangria Yerba Mate Tea Just as delicious cold and it is hot, Sangria is a complex blend of organic lemon balm, schisandra berry, cane sugar, coconut, honeybush, rooibos, goji berry, and mango — inspired by traditional wine and fruit sangria drink. Ebulliently explosive berries collide with snappy lemony zest and mouthwatering sweet mangoes, balanced with nutty rooibos and creamy coconut shavings. Intricate subtle flavors, some barely detectable, dance and hide with unapologetically intense berry blasts. Sangria Yerba Mate Tea

You decide how intense you’d like your berries.

Enjoy the whole spectrum from chilled water, room temperature, to hot water (165ºF | 73ºC). The cooler the temperature, the more sour and puckery flavors you’ll enjoy. With warmer temps, experience a fruity rich body with a sharper berry character. We weren’t kidding when we said this blend was versatile!