Southern Cone


Three Southern Cone Varietals  • Mission 16oz, Ascension 16oz, Galaxy 16oz

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Experience all three regional varietals of yerba mate in the Southern Cone Combo

Cut to the chase and try all three traditional yerba mates from Argentina, Southern Brazil, and Paraguay. Perfect combo for those seeking no frills of blends—just good ol’ classical yerba mate. Period.

Purity Organic Yerba Mate Sampler by Circle of Drink

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You’ll receive three, 16 oz bags of regional yerba mate. You save 25%

  • Mission: Classical Argentine variety. Robust, bold, green and earthy, with a generous amount of powder and twigs, making for a delightful bitter-sweet experience. If you appreciate strong green tea, this is your mate. 100% organic.
  • Galaxy: Classical “Gaucho” variety. Malty and rich Brazilian mate blended with organic Paraguayan mate for a little fruitiness to balance muscular terroir of Brazilian soil. Coffee lovers will appreciate the boldness.
  • Ascension: Classical Paraguayan blend. You’ll experience a hybrid cut with plenty of powder along with small stems and a moderate amount of ground leaves. Experience an intense palate of flavors, ranging from sour cherries to finely aged tobacco. Excellent hot or cold. 100% organic.
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