Tamed Stallion Country Cup Bronze


Escaping to the Country • Epoxy x Aluminum • Bronze colorway • Perfect for hot or cold • 35g, 8oz capacity

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Getting Away for a While

Bronze Stallion in all its glow and glory. With our small collection of Country Cups, we’re calling for a return to the country. Whether it’s a special place with family and friends or a transporting thought of a peaceful place, we invite you to go for a ride. And bring along this cup, why don’t you?


Bronze Stallion Country Cup - Aluminum yerba mate gourd

Bronze Stallion Country Cup - Aluminum yerba mate gourd

Bronze Stallion Country Cup - Aluminum yerba mate gourd




Additional information



  • Height: 5.5 in; 14 cm
  • Brim width: 4.3 in; 11 cm
  • Body width: 2.95 in; 7.5 cm
  • Base width: 2.75 in; 7 cm
  • Depth: 3.74 in; 9.5 cm
  • Weight: 167 g
  • Colorway: bronze
  • Capacity dry weight 3/4s full: 35 g
    • Liquid oz: 8

Size, shape, and hue may vary as each gourd is unique.


Outer acrylic mold; inner aluminum cup.


Highly versatile cup. The aluminum is excellent for maintaining hot or cold temperatures. The cuia-like share pairs well with ervas as well as yebas. It’s tall enough to support a long bomba such as Grazie Bronze. Perfect summer cuia for zesty cold yerbas and tereré such as Orange, Sangria, Lemon, and Crimson Kiss.

Weight 16 oz




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