The Public Market Bag


Porto Alegre’s Public Market • 19.25in • Stitched Nylon 

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Porto Alegre’s Erva Mate Market

Brazil’s Public Market (Mercado Público) rests in the center of the Historical District of Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. For hundreds of years, Porto Alegre (Happy Port), has been an integral city of yerba mate trade and development, perhaps the most notable mate city in the world. Enjoy this oversized nylon bag emblazoned with the Public Market and the traditional symbol of the Gaucho.

The Public Market Bag - Yerba Mate Handbag - Nylon, 19.25 in

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  • Length: 19.25in
  • Width: 12.25 in
  • Material: Stitched nylon
Weight 8 oz