Tucan Alpaca


Handcrafted alpaca steel bombilla with distressed filter and center ring handle • 50+ filter count • 7.3in, 18.5cm

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A Relic of Time

Tucan Alpaca looks like it could have been around since the 18th century, passed from hand-to-hand in an opulent tea parlor of a Spanish or Portuguese royal. Every element, from the spoon with asymmetrical filter dotting to the center ring handle, see the marks of the Argentine Artisan who spent time and care handcrafting this most integral instrument of yerba mate. Each piece is unique with distressed and imperfect marks of the crafting process.

Tucan Alpaca Handcrafted Yerba Mate Bombilla

50+ filter count

Tucan Alpaca Handcrafted Yerba Mate Bombilla

Center ring handle

Tucan Alpaca Handcrafted Yerba Mate Bombilla

Acutely bended spout

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  • Length: 7.3in, 18.5cm
  • Weight: 26g
  • Filter count: 50+
  • Type: Spoon
  • Material: Alpaca

Pairing Notes

Best paired with gourd in the 3–4in, 7.6–10.15cm range.

Care Notes

Due to the soft nature of alpaca alloy, expect mild wearing over time. Avoid using bombilla to scrape spent yerba from gourd. Clean with mild soapy water or boil for 5 minutes for a deep cleaning.

Weight 8 oz

7.3in, 18.5cm