Yacuy Guarana Energy


Delicate layers of cotton candy, cherry, apple and sweet florals • Enjoy Cold or Hot • Air bag • 500g, 1.1lbs

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Sweet Bursts of Lightning

Brazilian yerba mate with quick and witty bursts of tropical fruits, sweet candy, cherries and apple, this smart Brazilian blend is delectable. Consumed with slightly cooled or room temperature water, you’ll experience the true unfolding of nectarous layers backed with soft earth and savory guarana cherry for a well-balanced experience.

Yacuy Guarana Energy Yerba Mate 500g

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Tasting Notes

A voluminous bouquet of cotton candy engulfs the air with a sweetly intoxicating fragrance of nectarous goodies. Yacuy continues their line of flavored tererés, large cut yerba with generous palos, designed to drink with icy cold water or traditional hot waters. As you may know by now, these are two completely different paths.

But let’s also not forget room temperature. This yerba unfolds beautifully in slightly cooled to tepid water, allowing the delicate cherry, cotton candy, apple, and jammy notes to rise without hindrance, showing great clarity and brightness.

Although the marketing behind this yerba is all about energy, I don’t detect any remarkable boost in energy, as felt in the first few sips of heavy-hitting Argentine yerbas such as Rosamonte or Mission or even Paraguay’s Onoiru.

If anything, this yerba is more laid back and collected than most, which is an indicative trait of Brazilian yerbas. One must also note that this yerba is flavored with guarana and doesn’t necessarily have any actual guarana powder or leaves included, which would make all the difference when it comes to robust energy delivery.

Quick Note:

For those of you new to Brazilian ervas and yerbas, a quick note to remember is that although “yerba” and “erva” are both the same plant, “yerba” has become to symbolize coarse-cut leaves with the addition of palos (stems) and usually some polvo (powder). Argentina and Paraguay are known for yerbas.

In Brazil, when the term “terere” is used, it simply means that it’s Argentine-style yerba mate but with the addition of flavors and designed to drink cold. “Erva” is the traditional pulverized yerba mate plant that’s ground into a dust in matcha-like fashion, consumed with large gourds called cuias and bombilla with hundreds of filters, known as a bomba.

Sure, we have a fun and snappy Brazilian yerba here. Lively and buoyant with jovial movements of fruit and earth and a laid-back verve. The cut is stunning, with uniform palos and leaves, void of any powder for added clarity and luminosity of flavor, at the expense of explosive robustness and muscular tones.


If energy was the aim, Yacuy definitely missed the mark with this blend. Better to have added pure guarana powder to truly explode with high energy. For those who appreciate sweet florals and almost no bitterness or grit, then this is an acceptable blend.

As with the other Yacuy tererés, a few scoops of this is also ideal for topping your erva in a cuia or blending to any pure leaf yerba for a little extra zest.

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