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Pure Leaf & Unsmoked Brazilian Yerba • Vacuum Sealed • 500g

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Clean and Pure Brazilian Yerba

Super mellow and delicate malty notes with a beautiful natural sweetness, Yacuy Pure Leaf is a highly versatile yerba that’s excellent on its own as well as blended with zesty herbs. Produced with technology to drastically reduce smoke contact during the drying process, you’ll appreciate the clean and crisp flavor profile, allowing the earthy malt to shine in its purest form.

Yacuy Pure Leaf Unsmoked Yerba Mate - Vacuum Sealed -500g

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Yacuy Pure Leaf Unsmoked Yerba Mate - Vacuum Sealed -500g

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Yacuy continues to expand into a broader class of mate offerings, way beyond their traditional chimarrão erva mate. With this pure leaf and unsmoked version of their green malty yerba, they are now able to stand side-by-side with Kraus, Anna Park, Eco Teas and Guayakí, albeit the yerba not being certified organic.

It’s fair to say that Yacuy is growing into one of the most versatile and quick-to-respond yerba companies in South America. With specific tereré blends, traditional blends, traditional erva mates, flavored ervas and now their newest line of unsmoked pure and blended yerbas, as well as a healthy offering of USDA Organic yerbas, they are covering all the bases at a rate not seen in South America.

Beautiful evolution of offerings notwithstanding, we must remember that Brazilian yerba mate still remains starkly different from Argentine and Paraguayan counterparts, with an eponymously green malt flavor profile that remains the signature terroir of the region.

There’s a lot of horizontal growth happening, but there’s also vertical growth as they deepen their unique offerings of malty ervas and yerbas that could only be a product of Brazil.

Naturally sweet with delicate malty green layers, this pure leaf truly represents the flavor of Brazilian yerba in its purest form. Imagine chimarrão erva but the yerba version before it’s ground into fine powder.

Yerba in this state allows the maltiness to brew in a way that couldn’t be achieved with fine erva, producing black tea, caramel, toast, barley and oat elements that are mellow and wispy due to the broader surface area of the leaves, allowing the water to slowly release the flavors in their subtle form.

Try with cold or hot water. Well suited for adding citrus herbs such as lemongrass and orange peel.Enjoy this pure leaf yerba and taste the true flavor of Brazil in its cleanest form.

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