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Psychological Effects of Yerba Mate

Jan 08, 2015

For years I’ve lauded many physical and psychological effects of yerba mate yerba in videos such as these and these (and these). We’ve discussed how yerba mate acts as an adaptogenic herb, helping to restore the body to optimal functioning. Then there was our research showing the differences between yerba mate and coffee and yerba mate and green tea.

Discussing the Mental Effects of Yerba Mate Tea

Over here, we’ve listed some of the primary benefits to the body, such as: lowering high blood pressure, lowering high cholesterol, stimulating the immune system, burning fat, and more. For a herb that has undergone only a decade or so of any noteworthy pharmacological investigation, scientists have unmasked an unusually high amount of physiological (body), psychological (mind), and spiritual (social, community) benefits of yerba mate tea.

In the video below, I’d like to add to our growing repertoire of yerba mate research, focusing on the mental enhancing aspects of yerba mate.


  1. Husam

    Well I like the taste, the physiological effects and the mental lightness or ease. But – it does seem to interfere with my cognitive function a bit. When I have just drunk some mate (particularly if strong) I find I can’t quite get my words together as well as normal and I seem to be taking longer to retrieve memories pertinent to the conversation I am having.
    Am I the only one noticing this? Its not necessarily negative – fine if I am relaxing with friends but a bit of a caution having that effect when I am at work…..
    It does feel like it lightens and ‘lights up’ the here and now experience which does have a spiritual type of quality but not so good for the joined up thinking it seems.
    I would be interested if anyone else has noticed this – maybe I am just sensitive!

    • Sean

      hello! I honestly have the opposite reaction when I drink. I find myself able to concentrate better, and the sense of clarity helps me articulate my thoughts with greater clarity. Is there anything else you are coupling with the mate that may be causing the “brain fog” (for lack of a better word)?

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