The State of Yerba Mate Address – 2014

2014 has been a great year for yerba mate. With a cover story in Fresh Cup Magazine, a record-breaking year of Argentine exports, and continued global awareness, yerba mate is finally starting to gain the attention it deserves. Below is a video of our yearly State of Yerba Mate Address. Further down, we’ve included a rundown sheet so you can skip to the sections most important to you.

0:00–4:00 — Introductions

  • Who is Dave Mate?
  • Lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for three years to learn about yerba mate tea.

4:10–7:27 — What is Yerba Mate?

  • Holly plant scientifically called ilex paraguariensis.
  • Source of natural energy and mood enhancer.
  • Originated from Eastern Forest of Paraguay.
  • Grown in Northern Argentina, Southern Brazil, and Paraguay.

7:30–9:40 – Early Expansion of Yerba Mate

  • Yerba mate enters Europe and United States (turn of the 20th century).
  • Yerba Mate Tea Co. established as first US mate company.
  • Community building aspect of yerba mate recognized outside of Southern Cone.
  • Failed attempts to position mate as a curative drink, despite health reports and testimonials from notables.
  • Coffee and tea successfully eclipse mate.

9:40–27:37 – Yerba Mate Trends

  • Yerba Mate cover story on Fresh Cup Magazine (“Of Gauchos and Guaranís”).
  • Mate continues global expansion.
  • CNBC reports increase in tea consumption (“Young Americans Turn to Tea”).
  • Health consciousness on the rise.
  • Publication of “yerba mate versus coffee”.
  • Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks, continues his path towards teas and organic foods. Continued effort to co-brand newly acquired Teavana with existing infrastructure.
  • Argentina has record-breaking year with 730-million kilos of yerba mate exported (“Yerba mate production hits historic record”).
  • Prices paid to farmers in Argentina increases from .90 to 3.60 pesos.
  • Syria, Lebanon, and U.A.E. continue with strong yerba mate imports from Argentina.
  • Circle of Drink Inc. continues to spread yerba mate globally, shipping mate to over 20 countries outside United States in 2014.
  • Pope Francis inadvertently promotes yerba mate across the globe. Gawker builds awareness of traditional yerba mate cup seen with the Pope.
  • Materos, yerba mate aficionados, continue to grow — preserving the traditional yerba mate experience (particularly in United States, Europe, and Canada).
  • Silicone yerba mate gourds gain traction (i.e., Mathienzo and Mateo gourds).
  • Guayakí leverages traditional Paraguayan term for cold yerba mate, tereré, on their bottles of fruit flavored mate.
  • Mate Bros and Mati Energy launch yerba mate and guayusa energy drinks.
  • Chimarrão, traditional Brazilian yerba mate, gains interests within Matero community.
  • begins importing traditional Brazilian and Uruguayan yerba mates such as Canarias, Ximango, and the elusive Del Cebador.
  • Circle of Drink continue to position yerba mate as a gourmet tea.
  • Coca-Cola includes yerba mate in a patent for a weight management sweetener.

27:38–36:00 – Yerba Mate Health Reports

38:18–END – The Yerba Mate Circle / Community Continue to Grow

  • Yerba mate awareness grows.
  • Strong global connection across social media strengthens (join our yerba mate community page).
  • Increased yerba mate distribution in specialty stores across United States.
  • Yerba mate craft market continues to build.

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