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Taragui Yerba Mate

Feb 11, 2012

Taragui Traditional Yerba Mate - by Circle of Drink
Review date: 2-9-12
Type: Traditional. Blue/Red bag
Region: Corrientes, Argentina.
Producer: Establecimiento Las Marias

Description of Taragui Yerba Mate

There’s a particular bitterness to this mate that is quite unpleasant. No matter how much I think I can get used to it, I can’t! Being one of the most popular yerbas in Argentina, this mate has been put through the ringer by the locals, but my palate has never adjusted.

Cut 3.25 palos

Good palo content. A bit dusty. Contains fair amount of splinter palos. Bright, fresh, clean color.

Body/Texture 3.25 palos

Full body. Tough and harsh bitter notes. When it comes to smoothness, this mate has a long way to go. Astringent.

Nose 2.75 palos

Typical mate notes. Burnt rubber / plastic component.

Finish 2.75 palos

Harsh finish with a aggressive zap on the sides on your tongue. Sharp astringency. Lemon. Syrupy.

Cycle 3.75 palos

Excellent cycle, with lasting taste. This is a perfect mate to become lavado. As it begins to wash, this mate smoothens out and harmonizes nicely. The first serval cycles are very harsh.

Overall: 3.15 of 5


Decent mate, overall, but a long shot from my favorites. I prefer the other yerbas produced by Las Marias: Union and La Merced. Taragüí is their harshest product. Great mate for people seeking a unique astringency and burnt rubber component (does anyone like burnt rubber?). This mate is definitely not on my top shelf. Nobleza Gaucha and Amanda drinkers may also like this mate.

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  1. orinoco

    We must not be drinking the same mate at all. Burnt rubber–lemon–syrupy? This review makes no sense. “Harsh and astringent” is not “syrupy.” You can’t have both, bro.

    • Dave Mate

      Perhaps we aren’t drinking the same harvest. I write what I taste. We all have different palates. Thanks for your feedback.

  2. Ernie

    Sometimes I taste the burnt rubber you are talking about and sometimes I don’t and the taste can be very pleasant. This is all out of the same bag. Very weird, maybe it is just me.

    I also saw a you tube video that briefly mentioned that Las Marias has a very unique process for the yerba mate that only takes a few days. Have you heard anything about this process?

  3. geoffyjoe

    I wholeheartedly agree with Dave. Unfortunately for me Taragui is the only mate in steady supply I can find after a full year here in Medellin Colombia. The taste is dreadful. I promised myself that I’d give up drinking mate if this were the only brand I could get.

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