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The Best Natural Alternative to Adderall

Aug 06, 2013

College student studying with yerba mate tea

Crack that book! Write those notes! Comprehend as much information as possible! Let’s be real: college isn’t easy and studying can disheartening as heck! But you know what? It’s gotta be done. No studying means no excelling. And you’re in college to excel as much as you party.

We’ve already spoken about how yerba mate is a safe alternative to coffee. But as a reminder, coffee definitely isn’t the solution to your studying woes. It’s your enemy. Coffee tastes good, but that’s about it. What you gain in a bit of short term energy, you lose in sustainable focus and alertness. Crashing and having the jitters ins’t exactly the answer.

Yerba Mate vs Adderall

I’m not a pill-popper, so I couldn’t tell you the benefits of adderall. However, as a veteran college student, I could tell you a plethora of negative side effects of the drug, so often used as a study enhancer. It became quite normal to see my friends going through the following after a long Adderall binge:

  • Staying up for days and looking like a zombie
  • Losing their appetites and getting sick
  • Actually doing WORSE on their exams, due to fried brains
  • Becoming depressed and stressed
  • Becoming highly volatile and depressed
  • Seeking harder narcotics such as cocaine when the Adderall seized to work

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What’s a safe alternative to Adderall?

I’m not going to waste your time with a lengthly article about WHY you should start drinking yerba mate as a safe alternative to adderall — you’ll soon find that out once you order some for yourself — but instead, let me share some real testimonials with you from some young folks, such as ourselves, that have benefitted from this ancient tea from South America:

I’ve actually abandoned the pharmaceutical products I was prescribed in lieu of yerba mate… I firmly believe that these are more beneficial supplements than traditional medications. I was highly unpredictable and irritable and I no longer have to deal with the side effects.

I was an average student my whole life. This year since I started drinking mate, I’m
a straight A student. It’s great! Drinking mate is the same as studying.
—Jack Fadley

I have recently started drinking mate every day, and I’ll tell you, I believe it is worth it!
—Mikey Bishop

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I drink yerba mate for attention and focus. I have been labelled by doctors as ADHD. I will not take their ridalin drugs that numb my creativity. Instead, I have told them, I have found my medicine in Mate! It helps me with attention management! I am sooo greatful for this discovery.

I was a major coffee addict drinking about 4–5 cups a day. And now yerba mate tea is my drink of choice. Haven’t touched coffee in almost a year!!! Kicked that nasty acidic addiction to the curb!
—Sandra Alvarez

Yerba Mate, without a doubt, is the go-to natural substitute for adderall. The evidence can’t be refuted. Students that start drinking yerba mate perform better, feel better, and have more energy to sustain them with their studies.

In like manner, yerba mate tea can help you become more productive at work. Sitting in a cubicle for most of the day isn’t the best booster of creativity, and it hardly generates any energy needed to be effective at work. Many people bring a few bags of yerba mate tea to work and drink it throughout the day to stay in top shape and alert.

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