the mate server remains low

The role of the yerba mate server

Known as the cebador (pronounced sey-BAH-dor), the yerba mate server has the honor of preparing and serving yerba mate to all the guests included in the yerba mate circle.

As the server, never lose your purity of heart. Your vibrations must be of such a high frequency, that you pick everyone up off their feet. Which is also to say, you must remain the lowest, most meek, humble servant.

Only in service to others can you rise as the steam does each gourd. Only in accordance to the one and only law, Love, can you truly participate in the circle. There’s an anonymous saying “No se puede tomar mate si se está enojado,” you can’t drink mate when you’re mad. And how true this is! For mate is the rainbow on your gray sky. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine!

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Allow Grace to penetrate every cubic inch of your body, and every etheric inch of your spirit. I can now see, with my mind’s eye, why mate was called “The Drink of the Gods,” because every sip invites you to sit around a God. Every circle gives you the chance to be a God.

It has never been more necessary than now, to recognize the importance of coming together and sharing—sharing whatever it may be. In our case, mate. But you can now see that mate is nothing more than the symbol, the placeholder. The grand metaphor of Unity.

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