The Prided Paraguayan Yerba Mate, Pajarito

pajarito yerba mate review Pajarito — 3.80 of 5 palos — reviewed 5/30/2012
Type: Special Selection. Aged 20-24 months.
Region: Asunción, Paraguay
Company: Lauro Raatz S.A.

Description of Pajarito Yerba Mate

The most well-known of the Paraguayan yerbas, Pajarito is a solid, reliable, and tasty mate. With over 50 years of yerba growing experience, and 20,000 kilos of daily production, Lauro Raatz and his wife have created a sustainable company that they are proud to call their “National Pride.”

This yerba is grown in the native lands of Paraguay, where yerba mate has deep origins. It’s no wonder why this handpicked and finely-crafted yerba sits so well on my palate. With typical Paraguayan sour notes balanced with Gaucho-like strength and structure—and cut clean with grassy, herbal tones—Pajarito is exceptionally well-balanced.

Cut 3.90 palos

Paraguayan Cut. Excellent plovo content for this style of yerba; good blending of medium-to-small palos; medium-cut leaves interspersed with small amounts of broad-cut leaves; includes pulverized steams and leaves. Very rustic looking cut. Well balanced color.

Body/Texture/Taste 4.25 palos

Medium body. Sour notes, especially during the early taste development; rounding out with more strength and character, with gauchoness and bravado. Similarities with Palo Alto, but less kaleidoscopic in flavor fluctuations (also less sour, which is a plus); smoother; a bit less exciting, leaning more towards the calmer side of things. Woody. Good harmonization of flavors. Buttery components, somewhat similar to Nobleza Gaucha.

Nose 3.85 palos

Sweet, caramel tones. Bright nose. Faint cotton candy. Mild sawdust. Very clean and vibrant.

Finish 3.65 palos

Strong hardy finish. Well balanced. Some astringency and tang, but harmonizes well and is short lived. Woody.

Cycle 3.25 palos

Medium cycle. Three-quarters into the liter, yerba becomes very flat and somewhat awkward tasting. Some lingering sour notes. Short green-teaing period.

Overall: 3.80 palos


I highly recommend this traditional Paraguayan yerba. With a superbly round and smooth taste, you can’t go wrong here. If you’re looking to get into Paraguayan mates, then you need to try the unique-tasting Pajarito. Looking for an organic paraguayan yerba mate? Try our Ascension >>