Where can I buy yerba mate in Houston? Find out here

Where can I buy yerba mate in Houston?
From the fecund Eastern forests of Paraguay to the frenzied metropolis of Buenos Aires, Argentina, yerba mate tea has righteously wafted beyond the once unknown little holly plant solely consumed by the Guaraní and neighboring tribes within the Southern Cone (Southern regions of South America) to a staple tea for millions of people around the world.

Collectively, over 90% of the population across Brazil (Southern region), Uruguay, Paraguay, and Argentina gladly sips on the ancient mate leaves through a filtered metal straw (bombilla) and a natural cup (mate gourd) every single day. Literally, every-single-day.

Can you believe that?

That first day back in 2009 when I had my first sip, I wouldn’t have imagined that this hot bitter-sweet tea commanded such loyalty and trust, for both its status as a cultural symbol — proudly unifying people with every sip — and its remarkable resume of health benefits that continues to grow with each year of research.

Yes, yerba mate has transformed, expanded, and integrated itself into almost every major city across the globe. No longer a sterile “dietary supplement” as it was positioned in the early 20th century throughout the United States and Europe, but a true and living, everyday health and lifestyle drink that can be consumed just as much as green tea, appreciated for it’s ability to stimulate the mind and body with clarity and clean energy sustainable through the day (unlike coffee).

I wasn’t surprised when I recently came across an article discussing the influence of yerba mate in Houston, Texas. Some of you reading this article may be wondering right now, where can I buy yerba mate in Houston? No worries, I’ll soon provide a comprehensive list of cafes and stores that sell yerba mate in Houston.

When I started Circle of Drink back in 2012, it was my dream to revitalize yerba mate across my home country, the United States. Several years later, we’re well into our mission and not only here in the US, but across the globe.

The “Matero” (mah-ter-ROW) is a yerba mate drinker that has accepted yerba mate beyond a plant or a drink. I know, that may sound a bit whimsical and ethereal, but every mate drinker — the ones who stick with the tea and begin to explore it’s true potential — comes to realize what it means to be a Matero.

At first you may begin to feel more buoyant and lively, as mate has a unique way of restoring the body to optimal health. As time passes, you’ll go deeper into the journey, coming to see mate as more of a way of living than just a cup tea. I can’t quite explain it, but mate has a way of brining people together and promoting harmony amongst all those that share it. Ask any longtime mate drinker about this, and I’m sure you’ll be enlightened on only what I can attempt to futilely explain—truly, the mate experience is beyond words. It’s transformative.

Okay Houstonians and soon-to-be Materos across the globe, whether you find yourself in Texas searching for a place to purchase yerba mate tea or you call Houston your home, here’s a list of markets in Houston that sell yerba mate.

Where to buy yerba mate in Houston, Texas

I truly hope you embark upon your yerba mate journey and come to see the Way of the Matero. Find us on facebook and join the Circle.