“What is this ‘magical’ drink that you talk about all of the time, Matt?” “Does it get you…high?” “Is it healthy for you?” “I heard that this is linked to cancer, I don’t want cancer!”

These are just a few of the various questions that people ask me daily about yerba mate. I always feel compelled to lazily point people to this website, Circle of Drink, so that I can be on my way and get to wherever I’m going, but then my excitement about yerba mate wells up inside of me causing me to explode with the drink’s history, origin, effects, and amazing qualities. Usually these conversations end with, “Can I have some?!”

Upon reflecting on my conversations with others about yerba mate, I realized that I am rarely ever asked, “Why do you drink it?” This got me thinking, naturally. Here’s a video that illustrates Dave Mate’s passion for and relationship with yerba mate.

Yerba mate is the best social lubricant

Yerba mate isn’t only a mediator, but also a catalyst, of good conversation. It’s something that entails unity, and breeds camaraderie among those who share the drink. When I drink it alone, it becomes meditative, calming, and gives me a sense of creative clarity. This is what yerba mate does, it stimulates whatever you want it to.  But regardless of all that I say and write, yerba mate isn’t just something to be experienced, but it is an experience in and of itself, and a lifestyle that is worth sharing with others.

Watch more yerba mate videos here.

Drink on!