Yerba Mate Cycles Explained

Understanding Yerba Mate Cycles

The yerba mate cycle is the strength of the yerba mate. The stronger the mate, the longer the cycle. Cycle also refers to each time you completely finish one gourd of yerba mate.

Understanding Yerba Mate Cycles - How long does the mate last in the gourdEvery varietal and brand of yerba mate has its own strength. Mates such as Mission, Galaxy, and Canarias have long cycles. What’s a yerba mate cycle, you ask? Simple. Yerba mate cycles are determined by how long the mate retains its strength (flavors/body) throughout the duration of a 1-liter thermos, assuming your drinking yerba mate the traditional method, with a gourd and bombilla.

medium-cycleMost mates have a medium cycle, allowing you to enjoy the flavors for at least half a liter. Some mates, such as the lighter varietals like Unión Suave, Eco Teas Traditional, Mate Factor, and Playadito are closer to the “white tea” spectrum of yerba mate, with a shorter cycle lasting through a third of the thermos.

short-cycleHowever, don’t let the cycle length of the mate determine the taste and quality. Those that prefer bolder mates will usually enjoy longer cycles. Others will appreciate medium body mates that usually have, you guessed it, medium cycles. And light body mates, with subtle taste profiles which can be quite exciting to explore, will usually coincide with shorter cycles.