Beginner’s Guide to Yerba Mate Tea

A Beginner's Guide to Yerba Mate Tea by

Getting started with yerba mate is simple. Grab yourself a handful of mate, add the herb into a frenchpress, teapot, or traditional mate gourd,  then add hot water (or make it cold), wait a few minutes, then enjoy. That’s all you need to start drinking yerba mate, especially if you’re a a beginner. Now, if you want to lean a lot more than that, and go deep deep into the beautiful and intricate world of mate, then stick around and read on…

One of my favorite books is Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Suzuki. It’s a lesson on, no matter how experienced or seasoned you’ve become in any of life’s many arenas, humbly returning back to the basics and once again starting with a fresh pair of eyes; a renewed mind; and revitalized energy to continue building upon the fundamentals.

In essence, inheriting the child’s mind once more. An overly confident mind that becomes too full of itself, literally, remains “full” and stops expanding and absorbing. Atrophied and ossified and stale….

But no! Let’s go beyond that!

Shall we…? 🙂

In this new spirit of renewal, let us fertilize the soil and replant good seeds. Together, we can move mountains. With mate, what can hold us back? Nada!

So now I gladly present to you a Getting Started with Yerba Mate Guide.

Culling together dozens of articles and videos and guides I’ve produced over the years, I’ve synthesized a unique yerba mate journey through my personal vista and experience. From my first sip of mate back in 2009 to this very day, I’ve never stopped exploring this vitalizing and enriching herb from South America. It has changed my life forever.

For seasoned Materos and those freshly embarking upon their mate journey alike, nothing can be lost and only the world gained by drawing closer to this sacred herb we know as yerba mate.

Below, you’ll find a loose table of contents, more or less chronologically corresponding to the video via timestamp markers — allowing you to jump through time and space — and banking through some twists and turns in between, exploring the different landscapes and undulations and altitudes of yerba mate, from Classical Argentine cuts to selecting your first wooden or calabash gourd.

Yes, we’ll have both practical and not-so-practical discussions at times, equally infusing mate philosophy — Mateology – with step-by-step instructions. Let’s connect those hemispheres!

You with me? Okay, cool.

Now Let’s Get Started

Table of Contents, Markers, and Additional Yerba Mate References

Below please find links to references I made in the video, with associated timestamps. Thanks for watching 🙂 Now let’s get started.

Who is Dave Mate? [2:42]

Explore our yerba mate blends [3:45]

The company and community Circle of Drink [3:28]

What our customers think of yerba mate (testimonials )

Our Amazon Store: We distribute other popular brands of yerba mate [4:02]

Read reviews of Cruz de Malta and other brand of mate [4:07]

What is Yerba Mate Tea? [4:18]

Building a relationship with yerba mate [6:15]

Learn about saponins in yerba mate tea [6:35]

Chlorogenic Acid in Yerba Mate & Yerba Mate vs Green Tea [6:44]

Yerba Mate vs Coffee [7:08]

“Clarity of Mind” with Yerba Mate [7:28]

Mate Sharing ‘Rules’ and Etiquette [8:34]

The History of Yerba Mate [8:54]

Here’s a real Online Yerba Mate Circle in Action [9:30]

Which yerba mates to start with? [10:05]

Clean Organic Pure Yerba Mate – Mission

If you don’t want any bitterness but still want to experience mate — Lady’s Breath

Our Galaxy Yerba Mate (Gaucho Mate) has rich and creamy espresso flavors.

Here we have a wide variety of organic yerba mate blends.

Some other popular yerba mate brands:

Cruz de Malta (Earthy, robust, Classical Argentine Mate)

Del Cebador (Malty and creamy, Gaucho Yerba Mate)

Canarias (Malty and soft, Gaucho Yerba Mate)

More Health Benefits of Yerba Mate

Health Benefits of Yerba Mate [14:11]

The facts on yerba mate and cancer [15:04]

Learn how yerba mate reduces negative effects of junk food by neutralizing free radicals [17:33]

Yerba Mate may help regulate glucose levels for diabetics [19:17]

There are many ways to prepare and enjoy yerba mate [14:37]

Traditional Ways to Prepare Yerba Mate Tea

  • Yerba Mate Gourd and Bombilla
  • How to prepare powdery Gaucho Yerba Mate
  • How to prepare Chimarrão / Erva Mate (traditional Brazilian yerba mate that’s not aged and nearly pure powder)
  • How to Prepare Erva Mate Tea Like a Brazilian

Modern Ways to Prepare Yerba Mate Tea

Yerba Mate Terms and Glossary [24:37]

My book on yerba mate, “Mateology”

Does Caffeine or “Mateine” Exist in Yerba Mate? [26:35]

Learn about the Yerba Mate Gourd and Bombilla

Selecting a yerba mate gourd and bombilla [36:00]

Comparing different types of wooden mate gourds

Argentine Calabash vs Brazilian Cuia Gourds

Comparing different types of yerba mate bombillas (straws) [39:15]

Clean your bombilla with a brush

How to properly use a yerba mate bombilla

Our bombilla collection can be found here

Exploring the Regional Cuts, Terroirs, and Flavors of Yerba Mate

Understanding the different cuts of yerba mate (composition of leaves, dust, and stems)

Exploring traditional Brazilian “erva mate” (aka “chimarrão) [46:00]

Preparing cold yerba mate aka “tereré” (typical in Paraguay) [56:26]

Thanks for coming along on this yerba mate journey with me, guys.

Sip on!

Dave Mate and Co.
February 2017