yerba mate whispersI don’t get tired of drinking IT. IT’s sustainable. Maintainable. Free flowing. Growing. Sowing seeds. Some say IT builds electrical activity in the brain. Some say it helps wake you up. Deepens dreams. Improves the immune system. I bet IT does all of that, and more. More? Sure, infinitely more. We’re all a particle in an infinite sea of energy, connected by the ocean of Oneness. We’re individual expressions of the same flow. IT is me. Mate, that IS. Yerba Mate. This “drink” has rocked my world, man. For over 2 years I’ve drunk it daily, insatiably, cravingly, insanely. I’m an addict? You’re goddamn right, I am. Who wouldn’t be addicted to liquid God? There’s a journey in every sip. How can I begin to explain the inexplicable. My relationship with mate is silent. Does the fish need to explain water? However, let us now only whisper, between friends….
Here are a few whispers the mate told me to share:

Yebra Mate in the Morning

Drink me in the morning and I’ll remove the cloudiness of your brain. Feeling groggy, I’ll balance you. I’ll iron out those wrinkled neural nets and rain down an electrical storm of ideas, inspiration, and mind expanding energy.

Yerba Mate and Friendship

Drink me amongst friends and you’ll see what sort of conductor of friendship I really am. My energy goes beyond matter, distance, and space: I’ll connect minds and hearts; I’ll activate your throat chakra and spew truth from your lips. I’ll get you ruminating on love, creativity, and bonding thoughts.

Yerba Mate and Contemplation

Go alone into the woods or the confines of your room and drink me… I’ll show you a world that you could only see alone with me and no others. Stare off into the distance and embrace each sip, knowing that you’re ingesting billions of years of evolution—you’re drinking the stars, man! Each thought you have will tear into the fabric of the reality beyond reality. You will become the greatest satellite and radiate vibrations of peace and positivity.

Deep Roots of Yerba Mate

I will center you like an anchor to a wayward ship lost in sea. The bombilla isn’t a straw, but a bridge to the Earth. You’ll be grounded and centered with me. A sign of maturity is to drink me and allow me to root you, as is your natural state. Let go of your thoughts, stresses, and problems: come home. Jerk clean the blood sucking tentacles of the demanding society. Come home. Be at ease. It’s okay.

Yerba Mate and Creativity

Do you know how brilliant you are? Please, please, please listen to me when I tell you that you have the entire Universe at your disposable if you only have the courage to turn on the switch. Can’t you see this when I enter your bodily environment? Blossom. I am the sun showing you that it’s time to open up and emanate your creative fragrance. Tap into your unique resonate frequency and fulfill your mission here on Earth. Create! Courage! Create! Move forward.

Here’s a guide to get you started on your mate journey >>


Thank you for allowing me to share these mate whisperings.
– Dave Mate