Cultyvada Nativa x Medium


Cultyvada Nativa 500g, Cultyvada Medium, 500g • Vacuum Sealed • Gourmet Erva Mate Collection

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The Cultyvada Collection

Experience both Cultyvada gourmet erva mates from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Nativa represents the classical green malty rich flavors of erva from Southern Brazil. Beautiful herbaceous and earthy notes. Medium presents flavors of cinnamon, sweet malt, espresso and dark chocolate for a more muscular profile. You’ll appreciate the contrast between both exquisite ervas.

Cultyvada Nativa Chimarrao Erva Mate 500g

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Circle of Drink x Cultyvada

In 2020 we partnered with Cultyvada farm of Ilópolis, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. For over 60 years, Cultyvada has been at the fore of gourmet erva mate in Brazil. They are known for their silky smooth and subtle ervas, with both traditional and modern blends.

How to Prepare Erva Mate

Enjoy hot or cold.

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