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Old World Erva from The Valley of Taquari, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil • Rich malt with delicate florals • Hand selected from noble erva mate plants • 1kg, 1000g • Vacuum Sealed

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The Upper Echelon of Erva

De Valerios Industry is known for their Old World, no frills, traditional erva mates. This flagship erva, going by the same name of the company, is a beautiful exemplar of deep rooted traditional malty flavors and all manner of unique subtle florals and superlight hints of sweetness to perfectly enliven the green earthy body.

Selections of the finest leaves of noble erva mate plants of the Vale do Taquari region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, combined with a special drying and mixing technique to optimize flavor, you’re sipping some of the finest erva on the planet.

De Valerios Erva Mate Tea - 1kg Vacuum Sealed

De Valerios Erva Mate Tea - 1kg Vacuum Sealed

De Valerios Erva Mate Tea - 1kg Vacuum Sealed

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Tasting Notes

Super clean clean clean clean Chimarrão! De Valérios exquisitely understands something so ethereal, so fleeting, so effervescent, that if you stop to think about it, it may have passed you.

That’s the beauty of this erva.

The subtle florals. Soft toasty notes. Creamy understated malt. Wispy green herbaceousness. All elements playing well together in luxurious harmony. You aren’t quite sure how and why and what’s going on, but it’s a music well worth listening to, regardless of the language. The sentiment is conveyed nonetheless.

This is how you know you’re in the upper echelon of erva mate territory. When words begin to fail and experience supersedes reasoning.

Shall we return from the heavens for a while? Yes, let’s get back to Earth and press feelings into words.
De Valérios is produced by Mate Nativo. This brand represents their Traditional Nativo Premium Chimarrão.

Significantly lighter and more subtle than their Moída Grossa. The clarity and cohesiveness of flavors is impressively solid: think Cultyvada Medium without all the fun and spunky cinnamon and chocolate notes, but instead, a sort of quiet stroll through the woods without any distractions — just a clean amble through the morning mist with little hints here and whispers there of all things soft, calm, nearly imperceptible.

It could all be a dream.

On the other end of the spectrum, it still has more personality than, say, Ximango or Barão Traditional, which are also subtle, but boringly so.

I think it’s the unique fashion of sweetness that makes this erva what it is. Just the lightest touch of sweet pine with delicate woodsy undertones that are so delicate and precious that you beg to appreciate every sip.

The flavors are light, but the sweet clarity has a big impact — an expansion that escapes the herb itself and enlivens our own essence.

What a beautifully big little thing.

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