Piney Gates of Heaven

A tantalizing stroll through the pine forest.

The Ancient Pine Needle

For centuries pine trees have been highly respected for their many nutritional benefits. High amounts of vitamin C and A, along with an abundance of antioxidants, pine needles help boost the immune system, improve vision, protect skin, and increase alertness.

Piney Gates of Heaven Yerba Mate by Piney Gates of Heaven Yerba Mate by Piney Gates of Heaven Yerba Mate by

The power of pine combined with yerba mate, makes a powerful energizing blend with rich earthy notes enlivened with zesty citrus elements where subtle meets bold. Enjoy it while it’s available, as we only release one small batch per year.


Wildharvested pine, organic orange peel, organic lemon peel, organic yerba mate.

If in doubt when consuming herbs, please consult with your medical care practitioner.

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