Yacuy Cherry


A Pop of Cherry!

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Seductively Delicious

Cherry pie. Chocolate dipped cherries. Cherries with cream. Yes, indeed, cherries are at the center of every succulent fruit experience. Sipping Yacuy Cherry, I’m whipped into rich saccharine flavors of sweet candies, cherry popsicles, cotton candy and tart pies. Malty Brazilian yerba with layers of sweet elements folding into bolder green bodies, unfolding syrupy, honeydew notes, with just the lightest puckery pop for a playful yet quite sophisticated experience.

Cherry Yerba Mate Tea

Additional information

Come a little closer…

Seductively delicious, cherries draw you closer with saccharine whispers. Hey, you, come over here and sip me. If you find yourself close enough to catch a whiff of the perfumey, Cherry Pop candy fragrance, it’ll be hard not to fill a gourd.

If there is any company in the Southern Hemisphere that does blending with a fine, ethereal touch, it’s Brazil’s Yacuy. Unlike the heavy-handed Agentines with blends that seem closer to a smack than a caress, this line of zesty Tererés takes a lighter approach. Pineapple and mint are also included in the collection.

Tereré (teh-rey-RAY), the common term denoting cold yerba, primarily drunk in Paraguay and central Brazil and during warmer Argentine months, is now freely used throughout the yerba mate region of the Southern Cone.

Here we see Yacuy designating this blend for cold drinking, which it works well for. But, for me, I ignore the recommendation and prefer it hot as with any other yerba. Good yerba with sound structure and balanced flavor profiles may be enjoyed hot or cold without any loss of quality.

Just enough tartness to pucker your cheeks along with a beautiful fruity fragrance. A light malty green body with generous palos allow the cherry essence to cut the robust Brazilian erva. Large leaves and minimal powder for a clean and refreshing profile. Enjoy this cherry treat.

Water Temperature

Designed for cold or hot yerba. Cold water will calm the sweetness and reduce explosiveness of fruit. I prefer the 155ºF, 68ºC range to experience delicate cherry essence. With ice cold water, the cherry is refreshing and crisp. Try adding a few slices of fresh citrus and mint leaves.


Brazilian yerba mate, natural cherry flavoring.

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