Yacuy Icy Mint


Volcanic Mint Eruptions

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The Minty Rapscallion

Are you ready to shift the tectonic plates of your palate? Here’s an intensely polarizing minty behemoth of a blend that’ll surely send chills down your bombilla. Thunderous bursts of zesty mint hit you like an avalanche, but all is well with the sturdy grounding of malty earth and soothing floral for a semblance of balance within a seemingly upside-down world.

In other words, this is unlike any mint blend you’ll experience. With a ridiculously wide latitude of range, you can play with icy cold water for a clean and refreshing iced mate or go full metal jacket with hotter water to chase those wild and furious mints that’ll rage rage rage.

Either way, this is a fun, chilling, fiery and even frightening experience that’s one of a kind.

Yacuy Icy Mint Tereré Yerba Mate with Peppermint

Yacuy Icy Mint Tereré Yerba Mate with Peppermint

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Brazilian erva mate, peppermint, natural mint flavor.

Brewing Notes:

Try cold for a refreshing icy mint experience. Explore hot for explosive minty eruptions. Explore anywhere in between.

Weight 18 oz

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