Yacuy Organic Erva x Pure Leaf


The Pure Taste of Brazil • Yacuy Organic Erva, 1kg • Yacuy Pure Leaf Yerba, 500g • Vacuum Sealed • 1.5 kg, 3.3 lb total

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Purely Organic Erva and Yerba

Experience Yacuy erva and yerba mate in its purest forms. Taste the rich florals and earthy malt with Yacuy Erva. Open things up a bit with superclean and light Yacuy Pure Leaf Yerba. From erva to yerba, here’s some of Brazil’s finest.

Yacuy Organic Erva Mate Tea, 1kg

organic erva mate

Yacuy Pure Leaf Unsmoked Yerba Mate - Vacuum Sealed -500g

pure leaf

Additional information

Yacuy Pure Leaf ~ Clean and Pure Brazilian Yerba ~ 500g

Super mellow and delicate malty notes with a beautiful natural sweetness, Yacuy Pure Leaf is a highly versatile yerba that’s excellent on its own as well as blended with zesty herbs. Produced with technology to drastically reduce smoke contact during the drying process, you’ll appreciate the clean and crisp flavor profile, allowing the earthy malt to shine in its purest form.

Yacuy Organic Erva ~ The Brazilian Rainforest’s Rich Complexions ~ 1kg

One sip of Yacuy Organic Erva Mate is all it takes to transport you to the deep rainforests of Brazil where this delicately floral and superbly complex erva grows amongst the natural plants and animals. No chemicals. No fertilizers. Only sun, rain, and the diverse bounty of the forest to steward this beautiful organic erva. For the aficionados, here’s a gem.

How to Prepare Erva Mate

Enjoy hot or cold.

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