Yacuy Super Extra Organic

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Extra Extra, Sip All About It! • USDA Certified Organic Gaucho Mate • Vacuum Sealed • 1kg, 2.2lbs

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Secure Your Harness, It’s Time for Ride!

Rich and velvety malt swirling with floral espressos and dark chocolates and raw cacao beans. Darkly sophisticated and elegant. Elusively sweet shadows stalking each and every sip. There’s an allure of something unknown yet strangely familiar. The mystery ensures. Chewy darkness buoyed with out-in-the-open layers of hops, stouty beers, creamy cappuccino, oats, barley and zesty nutmeg and cinnamon accents for a needed sharpness in a world of dankness. Claro, it’s an intense journey we’re on. You’ll need to explore the dark triad. But if you can handle the darkness, you’re in safe hands with Yacuy Super Extra.

Yacuy Super Extra Certified Organic Yerba Mate - Vacuum Sealed 1kg, 2.2 lbs

Yacuy Super Extra Certified Organic Yerba Mate - Vacuum Sealed 1kg, 2.2 lbs

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Dramatically Dark

What’s the millennial saying, “don’t be so extra”? My generation’s lingo for “Stop being so dramatic!” With Yacuy Extra, I’m all about this fantastic intensity. Whoaaa… this Brazilian erva has a big body. Bring on the drama — I love it!

Rich, dank, chewy dark chocolate, coffee beans, stouty beer, hops, toasted oats and barley, light cinnamon spice and bold espresso layers. Si, this is a verified dark erva.

Think about the convergence of Guinness® stout with espresso and creamy cappuccino and you’ll get a hint of this Brazilian erva. Yacuy designed this blend with the traditional Uruguayan cut — what we’ve always referred to as a Gaucho Cut. The technical cut classification is P.U.1 in Brazilian and Uruguayan nomenclature.

Let’s triangulate things a bit. If you’ve tried Galaxy, this has more green, herbaceous richness. If you’ve tried Sara or Canarias, Yacuy Extra is less creamy and more stouty, with a drier, more crisp finish. If you’re a lover of coffee (really?… I kid..), this could become your favorite erva — there are many parallels to discover here.

Yacuy Super Extra Certified Organic Yerba Mate - Vacuum Sealed 1kg, 2.2 lbs

Water Temperature

For the full espresso experience, try in the 175ºF, º79C water temperature range. For a lighter, more floral experience, underexpose at 155ºF, 68ºC.

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