Chocolate Yerba Mate Tea

chocolate prophecy yerba mate

Ever bite into a velvety, rich, and creamy chocolate raspberry cake? Well imagine sipping into one. Our latest blend, Chocolate Prophecy, has a story to tell. Indulge your palate with rich layers of organic chocolate powder, raspberries, and cinnamon. Entertain the subtleties of vanilla, nutmeg, and sweet whispers of agave nectar. This is the Godiva of Yerba Mate.

Luxuriously handcrafted, we’ve married the finest raw organic chocolate to the finest organic yerba mate. What resulted was a delightfully decadent blend.

Learn more about our chocolate yerba mate tea below in the video.

Okay, you can stop drooling over your keyboard now… Purchase Chocolate prophecy here and experience this refined, medium body blend.

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