Yerba Mate Consulting

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Hey, soon-to-be, Mate Lover

My name is Dave ‘Mate’ Askaripour and I love yerba mate tea. For the past 10 years, I’ve lived, breathed, dreamed, and worked with yerba mate tea. The ins-and-outs of the mate industry run through my blood. Over the past several years, as yerba mate expert and entrepreneur, I’ve consulted with myriad food brokers, medical professionals, yerba mate startups, universities, and more…sharing my resevior of yerba mate knowledge:

  • Sourcing yerba mate
  • Explaining the different types of yerba mate
  • Providing custom blends that suit your specific brand identity
  • Aiding in import / exporting yerba mate
  • Yerba mate laws and customs information
  • Establishing yerba mate brands from sourcing to shelf (logistics, design, storage, etc.)

You may also find answers to your questions from my dozens of free yerba mate videos here >>

Additionally, learn from my yerba mate book, Mateology — the first yerba mate book written by a North America, helping to establish yerba mate throughout United States and beyond.

For an one-on-one yerba mate consultation

My current rate is $250.00 per hour — 1 hour minimum.
Please email david@circleofdrink or call 1 800 598 6009 to set up your yerba mate consultation.