President Obama Drinking Yerba Mate Tea

President Obama tried mate, a special kind of tea in Argentina — and he can’t stop talking about it.

Here’s what our trusted customers have to say about Circle of Drink

Ever since I first came across Circle of Drink, I’ve been a huge fan. Product is always excellent, ALWAYS. Service is great and I don’t want to set expectations for other people, but I’ll just say the gratitude shown towards customers is off the charts. I’ve gotten several unexpected gifts that were just plain awesome. Absolutely wonderful people from start to finish with wonderful products. So much so that I have more yerba than I will consume, but I enjoy dealing with them so much, I’m happy to have a big collection for guests and friends. Bill Ryan

I have many bombillas, but recently bought and received my Katana bombilla from Circle of Drink, along with a Mission yerba mate sample. I tried my bombilla today with my Uruguayan torpedo mate gourd and some Canarias Especial yerba. Sublime experience! The Katana bombilla is now my favorite! Thank you Dave Mate and Circle of Drink for spreading the word of mate and South American friendliness!
Carlos E. Rojas-Gaona

Hey Dave, I started drinking mate about 5 weeks ago and it has really changed my life. The vitality i feel throughout the day is something that I have been missing for a long time. The lethargy that became a staple in my day to day disappeared after I started drinking mate. It is truly an amazing drink. I bought and read your book as well! Anyways just wanted to thank you for spreading the word and wish you nothing but health, happiness, and success. Salud!
Kauveh Panah

Bro… the prompt shipping, the packaging, the quality of the cuia and bombilla, the video explaining how to make chimarrao perfectly for the first time. I have no words, you got me into yerba way way back and I never bought from you cuz I slept on it looking for cheaper crap on amazon. Never again, you have a customer for life.

Michael Murray Jr.

Just received the package of yerba mate Mission that I ordered from you last Friday. Wow! I’m always so impressed with you and your business. The details and presentation are exceptional. You feel special just opening the package: the envelope that says “Welcome” with the invoice inside, the sticker, the re-sealable package, the customer service, how quickly the product is shipped and received. But then comes the best part – the yerba mate. Yerba Mate Mission is so incredibly delicious. I don’t have enough praise for what you guys are doing. Keep up the great work!

Much love and success to you, my friend.
Mario Valencia

My gastrointestinal problems are virtually gone since I started drinking mate. The mental focus is more prolonged and steady versus the focus provided by coffee. Price is another huge factor: It’s much less expensive than other alternatives. I’ve come to really enjoy the taste, too. Every time I drink it I get the feeling that I am doing something beneficial to my body, and I feel more connected to nature as I consume the essential nutrients of a product that took hundreds of millions of years to evolve to its present state. Truly a remarkable experience overall, and I can already tell I will be a mate drinker for life.
Ahmo Mehmedovic, Boston USA

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You have another 110% satisfied customer.
Will Desmond, New York

We’re roughly in the middle of winter here in Australia. This is usually when I get reasonably bad anxiety and mild chronic depression. Using real terms makes it sound more messed up than it is, basically it just ends up in almost half the year being unproductive – which is completely shit for me because I’m a freelancer.

I’ve been drinking Mate since it started getting colder and have found I’m upbeat enough to get more stuff done each day and am sleeping better. Not to mention I have this overall sense of calm focus more often than not. Coupling Mate with prior years of experience dealing with this winter phenomenon, this year is turning out pretty awesome. Thank you, Dave.
—Sebastian Petrovski, Australia

Totally blown away by not only the exceptional quality of this Yerba Mate set but also by the professionalism of the Circle of Drink team, and swift delivery service provided! Dave you are indeed a hero of NEW YORK CITY. I applaud the way you promote the message of togetherness, and spread emotions such as sociability, joy and the strongest of all LOVE in your teachings. Furthermore, we need way more cultural awareness in the United States so people can experience the elation that comes of drinking this truly superb tea Yerba Mate, and I honestly believe that we are certainly headed in the right direction! Thank you so very much and looking forward to the next order, cheers.
—Uyi Kasote, New York

You guys are amazing. I just received my order here in Germany and it was SUPER fast. Just ordered some days ago thumbs up for shipping. The chocolate prophecy tastes awesome and I really liked your personal touch on the invoice. I guess it just makes me happy to see that you really care for your customers:) I will be sure order more mate stuff at Circle of Drink. Keep going! Have an Amazing day.
—Dennis Niedieck, Germany

I was an average student my whole life. This year since I started drinking mate, I’m
a straight A student. It’s great! Drinking mate is the same as studying.”
—Jack Fadley

There’s no question for me on the benefits of yerba mate. It has lowered my blood pressure, helped with my sleeping habits and gets me through the days little trials smoother than I would usually handle it. Miracle drink man! I try turning on as many people as I can to drinking mate.
—Jerry Shannon Tignor

Every time I sit down to drink the yerba mate I want to study. It is as if the yerba is preparing me to become an erudite. I know that this is a stretch, but I wonder if the yerba helps in repairing brain cells. It may in fact create more synapses in the brain pathways. Just until recently, I had a slight disdain for mathematics (except for statistics). Now, I want to have a better than mediocre level of math comprehension. All due to the yerba mate. — Jason King

You were the guy that got me onto Yerba Mate! It got me off coffee and introduced me to a nice, chilled high, without the comedown and heart palpitations I got with coffee.
— Reece Joseph Jones

I just wanna say thank you very much for bringing Mate into my life for it’s amazing and has greatly increased the quality of my life and my energy levels.
—Tony Morales

I’ve been using yerba mate for weight lifting, or just push ups, pull ups, or crunches, for the past 4 or 5 years. The mate definitely helps to quell and alleviate if not totally eliminate any soreness (I never stretch). If I forget to drink mate, I’m usually sorer than I would otherwise be.
—Josh Krouse

Hey Dave I would just like to thank you for sending out that package very quickly. I definitely taste and feel the difference when drinking out of a gourd. Thanks again my friend.

Caryl Marie-Sainte, California

The Ascension is a Delicious yerba mate. This is the first time I’ve experienced a Paraguayan yerba and the taste is extremely robust! The flavor fills the senses with an aura of fullness and awareness, it is extremely satiating, I recommend enjoying it with a side of fresh raw almonds!
—Josh Krouse, New York

I bought 5 gourds and gave 3 away and kept 2 for myself and everybody loves them. At first look I thought they were on the small side but I was wrong they hold a lot of Yerba they are so easy to use and very durable great for travel and being on the move. It could even be stored in a pocket when snowboarding or hiking with out it getting broken. I’m very happy and will be buying more.
—Anthony Stillinovich, Utah

David! You really are a real yerba mate expert. You kick some serious ass.
—Bruno Truiti, Brazil

Gourd was badass superb, and everything worked like a dream. Thank you dave & circle of drink also about the sweet bombilla, and mate sample. Can’t wait to get my hands on them, just have to wait the gourd to cure. Can highly recommend you guys. Spread the word and pass the gourd!”
—Erno Koivistoinen, Finland

Amigos. Saludos de Arizona. Just received my Cacto Gourd. Wow I am was shocked all you sent with the Gourd. The bombilla is perfecto. I have been drinking Mate for about 5 years now and love sharing this fabulous drink and finding good friends to enjoy it with. Thank you again for all you do por el Mundo de Mate. —Maline Lewis, Arizona

My yerba mate is on it’s way … soon, I can feeeel it … Thank you Dave Mate, you’re the go to mate man.—Tee Broxson, California

Just want to say thanks! My Mateo mate arrived today and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for the yerba as well so that I can break it in properly. Salud, —Daniel Green, Idaho

Hey brother, thanks for such a nice mate. I didn’t know it had legs. I love it.
—Jason King, Nevada

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