Global community of yerba mate drinkers.

Mate is what brings us together, across nationalities, socioeconomic status, and gender. We're on a mission to spread yerba mate across the globe, for health, wellness, and community.

Our Philosophy

We think of mate along the lines of a fine wine or complex craft beer—it’s nothing short of a gourmet tea, with regional varieties and a growing repertoire of exquisite blends. When possible, we select the finest organic and natural herbs to craft our teas. We spare no expense when it comes to quality, safe, clean ingredients. You’ll find no additives or “natural flavors” in our mate. Only simple, whole ingredients, combined in a way that’ll change your definition of tea forever (e.g. Chocolate Prophecy and Princely Peach Rooibos).

How we choose our partners

The Circle of Drink sources only the highest-quality yerba mate grown in in the best regions of the world for producing this holy shrub. From the Iguaçu River Basin in Brazil to the northern parts of Argentina, we treasure our long term relationships with each suppliers. We offer a wide range of mostly organic yerba mates. Pure varieties without the addition of herbs, blendssamplerscombos, and matebags (tea bags).

Brands You Can Trust


Yacuy specializes in gourmet erva mate grown in the forests of Brazil. Select from a wide range of organic erva mates, tereré yerba mates and delicious yerba mate blends with subtle flavors.


In 2020 we partnered with Marsango Family to offer their gourmet erva mate in greater markets.

With a collective of over 100 families producing the highest grade erva in Ilópolis, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Cultyvada’s erva tells a story of rich history, subtle gourmet profiles and looking ahead to the future of the erva market.

La Selva

Known for their malty blends, relying on native grown medicinal herbs of Brazil, La Selva has made their mark within the Uruguayan market for those Materos seeking blends with additional health-enhancing herbs. Across their entire line of blends, you’ll notice La Selva intelligently selecting botanicals to enhance the power of their Brazilian grown mate.

Kraus Pionero Yerba Mate - by Circle of Drink


Grown in San Ignacio, Misiones, Argentina, Kraus has been a pioneer in organic Argentine mate for generations. Using advanced technology and drawing from the local biodiversity, Kraus offers a highly distinct subtle and bold flavor. Air dried and smoke free always.

Anna Park

Perhaps the last farm standing in Argentina that patiently ages their organic yerba up to 2+ years, using an ancient technique that produces a highly acclaimed delicate and subtle flavor profile. Anna Park understands well the use of time and craftsmanship in their no compromise approach.


A brand that truly represents the philosophy of Classical Argentine yerba mate. Playatio has long maintained the highest integrity of protecting the genuine pure flavors of Argentine yerba mate. Slightly sour, malty, herbaceous and rich, a single source yerba to appreciate.