About Us

Maximiliano Racciatti

International Trade

Proudly flowing yerba mate around the Earth.

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Dave Mate Askaripour

Creative Director

Mate is my way of life.

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Tony Starcevic

Social Media

Sipping a gourd and reading a book – la vida.

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Welcome to the Circle

The Circle is our global community of yerba mate drinkers. Mate is what brings us together, across nationalities, socioeconomic status, and gender. We’re on a mission to spread yerba mate across the globe, for health, wellness, and community.

Materos (mah-ter-ROWS) is what we call ourselves. We are yerba mate enthusiasts and accept mate as more than a drink, but a lifestyle that breeds unity. Mate has a way of brining people of vast diversity together.

Dave Mate started Circle of Drink in 2011 while living in Argentina. His intention was to create a community around this sacred plant he fell in love with. Within a few years, Circle of Drink began selling yerba mate tea, gourds, bombillas, and even published the first comprehensive book on mate by a North American—helping to bridge the gap between the South American mate stronghold and the incipient North American market.

Based in New York, Circle of Drink has a small team of insanely passionate Materos. We make all our mate with our own hands. Most of our gourds and bombillas are also handmade by passionate Artisans and Craftsmen from Argentina to Jamaica.

We think of mate along the lines of a fine wine or complex craft beer—it’s nothing short of a gourmet tea, with regional varieties and a growing repertoire of exquisite blends. When possible, we select the finest organic and natural herbs to craft our teas. We spare no expense when it comes to quality, safe, clean ingredients. You’ll find no additives or “natural flavors” in our mate. Only simple, whole ingredients, combined in a way that’ll change your definition of tea forever (e.g. Chocolate Prophecy and Princely Peach Rooibos).

We understand that our mate is more expensive than most, but we invite you to try a brand that is created by people who really care and appreciate yerba mate, and all that it has to offer beyond a drink. Unlike larger companies, we’ll never sacrifice quality for quantity. And we think our customers appreciate this approach (here’s a link to our testimonial page).

Mate is our life, our art, and how we make a living. And more than that, it’s our journey. We hope you’ll join us by experiencing some of the products we offer. It’s an honor to share this magical plant with you.

Thanks and Welcome!