yerba mate plant in field

I love yerba mate

I respect and appreciate all that yerba mate does for me, and for others. While mate has recently become a large part of my life, there are times when I prefer a nice cup of tea. Due to the fact that mate causes me to chill out, forget about things such as time, and just bond with others, I am less likely to sit down at a desk and start doing a bunch of math formulas, or reading up on political issues that are of no importance to me.

Enhance your creativity with yerba mate tea

What I mean by all of this, is that I DON’T FEEL LIKE DOING ACADEMIC WORK while drinking mate (though, it is the perfect drink for studying). Mate spurs my creativity, and makes me want to go make a movie, read some interesting books, or just write about anything that inspires me at the moment.* I drink tea when I want to get down to work, because it keeps me grounded, and also gives me the necessary boost of energy that I need while reading long papers, or attempting to solve things like group action problems. Things that I am content with doing, but don’t really give me room for creativity. Its is because of this that mate is The Chill Drink.

*While there are some shared experiences among all drinkers of mate, I am only speaking for myself, and can only somewhat articulate the beautiful affect that mate has on me.


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