Harshly Delicious: Rosamonte Yerba Mate

Rosamonte Traditional Yerba Mate - by Circle of Drink

Rosamonte — 3.50 of 5 palos — reviewed 3/4/2012
Type: Traditional — Aged 12 months.
Region: Apóstoles, Misiones, Argentina. Establecimiento “10 Hermanos” de Hreñuk S.A.


A top brand of yerba here in Argentina, Rosamonte can be seen on the desks, along with a thermos and mate close by, throughout the office buildings. Rosamonte appears to be somewhat of a “de facto” brand of yerba, as its prevalence throughout the stores, homes, and streets cannot be understated. With a strong, robust, coffee-like taste profile, this is a rather harsh yerba. It’s bold, full body characters exhibit strength and courage throughout your body. It’s a unique drinking experience, that’s for sure.

Cut 4.50 palos

Large, fluffy cut. Strong PPL-R with excellent polvo, palos, to leaves ratio. Some splinter palos, but few. Unique orange/yellowish hue that isn’t very common throughout the other yerbas. Perhaps this has to do with the soil makeup.

Body/Texture 4.00 palos

Full body. Unique harshness that has ashy taste. Astringent. Bitter. Sour notes. Good harmonization between sour notes, with the more calmer, smoother notes of toasted bread, wood, and nuts.

Nose 2.50 palos

Lemon. Rubber. Astringent. Chemical-like notes. Sour cream. Cardboard.

Finish 3.25 palos

Clean, flat finish. For such a bold mate, the finish is a bit disappointing and unexpectedly light. No harsh kickbacks. Clay.

Cycle 3.25 palos

Bit lower than average cycle—perhaps not lasting as long as you’d think, with such bold flavors. Almost no “teaing” phase.

Overall: 3.50 palos


If you really like your mate bitter, then Rosamonte is one of your best bets. With its coffee and stout components, this mate appeals to the harsher side of your palate. Taragüí and La Tranquera drinkers would appreciate Rosamonte. Overall, I’m not too impressed with this yerba, but appreciate its bold and vibrant flavors that tell you like it is. Rosamante is one of those yerbas you either like or don’t, leaving you with little common ground in between.

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