The Palo Monster: Jesper Mate

Jesper Yerba Mate - by Circle of Drink
Jesper — 3.00 of 5 palos — reviewed 1/22/2012
Type: Traditional, Red Bag.
Region: Misiones, Argentina. Infusiones Naturales.


I call this mate “The Palo Monster.” It’s loaded with palos; possibly the most I’ve ever seen. One of the lightest mates I’ve ever drunk, it’s extremely easy on the palate. Loose leaf green tea brewed properly for three-minutes comes to mind right away. No harsh opening and finish. Almost overly light and floaty. Woody notes. Beautiful display of palos and shimmering yerba. Smoothens out with subtle hints of roasted nuts and hazelnut. Refreshing taste. Very clean. Oaky.

Cut: 2.5 palos

Aesthetically extremely pleasing with a wonderful display of large palos and yerba that seems to shine more than usual. Noticeable are what appear to be seeds or dried florets of sorts, as round compact balls with similar colors as the palos. Poor PPL-R, with an overabundance of palos that result in a short cycle experience. The mate would balance out well if it contained more polvo and less palos.

Body/Texture: 3 palos

Light body. Though having a short cycle, this mate still holds its own very well for the first several cycles. If the server is okay with changing their yerba frequently, and enjoying a very light, refreshing mate, then Jesper may be your best bet. It’s very clean and subtle on the palate; not overbearing, nor overly weak — though drinkers accustomed to brands such as Cruz del Malta or Rosamonte, would find this mate to taste more like hot water, than anything else. Think green and white teas.

Nose: 3 palos

Clean, refreshing smell. Hints of oak and toast. Very woody.

Finish: 3.75 palos

Very clean and elegant finish. No bite and zing like Nobleza Gaucha (blue). The large amount of palos contribute to the smooth and silky finish, leaving the palate refreshed and watery.

Cycle: 2.75 palos

Relatively short cycle. With a lack of polvo and overbearing amount of palos, this mate is short lived. But when it’s alive, it’s alive! For the first few cycles, this mate’s taste is loaded with subtitles and intricacies, but soon flatlines.

Overall: 3.00 palos


Good subtle mate that’s easy on the palate. Highly advisable for green and black tea fans. Excellent first mate experience for anyone, though it lacks that traditional “kick” one gets from more traditional mates such as: Cruz de Malta, Rosamonte, and Taragüí.