Mate Factor, The Hot Chocolate of Yerba Mate

mate factor yerba mate
Mate Factor — 3.25 of 5 palos — reviewed 12/11/2011
Type: Traditional
Region: Campo Largo, Southern Brazil


This is a very rich mate. Within 5 days of harvesting, this mate is vacuum sealed and shipped; there is no aging process. As a result, vital nutrients are preserved, though, perhaps at the expense of a more rounder and balanced flavor profile. Initial tastes: Grassy, algae, chlorophyll. Middle: Rich, Guinness Stout, hot chocolate, matlty, tiramisu cake, roasted oats, baked bread. Finish: Milk chocolate, caramel.

Cut Type 2.75 palos

Small cut with splinter palos (twigs). A bit mushy when hot water is added — prone to clogging bombilla. Very low polvo (powder) amount, which hurts overall taste, but helps to smooth out the mate.

Body/Texture 3.75 palos

Full body. Bold flavors. Silky, creamy, syrupy. Holds taste very well for first several cycles, then quickly plummets to a lavado mate.

Nose 3.75 palos

Sweet cake, cinnamon, hazelnut, hot chocolate with sugar, marshmallow, smores, oaky, malt liquor, aged scotch whiskey.

Finish 3.5 palos

Fantastic finish with hot chocolate and Guinness Stout and caramel profiles.

Cycle 2.5 palos

Very short cycle.

Overall: 3.25 palos


For more experienced mate drinkers who wish to widen their palates. Hot chocolate and espresso lovers will be pleased with this dark, rich body of this mate. Rosamonte and Amanda drinkers should definitely give this mate a shot.

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