Anna Park


Passion, time, and dedication is the Anna Park philosophy. Harvested every two years and aged for over a year, here’s an organic and non smoked mate that stands above the rest. Available in 1.1 lb bags only.

The most important thing is not that our mate is organic —— it’s that we’ve maintained the traditional way of harvesting every two years then allowing the mate to slowly mature for up to 18 months. This is the only way to develop the complex and subtle notes we strive for. It takes true passion, dedication, and patience to wait 3 years to produce artisanal yerba mate. This is the philosophy of Anna Park Organic Yerba Mate. — Pablo Barney, Anna Park Estates.
Anna Park Organic Yerba Mate Tea No one could have said it better than Pablo, himself. Circle of Drink has proudly partnered with, quite literally, the last traditional organic farm standing. Certified organic, non-smoked, and aged for over a year is what makes Anna Park special.

Great yerba mate needs time to develop.

Most farmers opt to harvest every year to maximize sales. The difference is critical here. Plants that are allowed to grow for two years develop richer bodies and more complex taste profiles. The light yellow hue of the leaves is the the mark of a well aged mate. Combined with an aging period upwards of 18 months, the mate is able to express refined and delicate sweet tones with a consistently smooth earthy body. The body is lighter than most classical Argentine yerba mates.
Anna Park Organic Yerba Mate Tea

Grown as Nature intended.

Everything good begins from the source — the root. Anna Park is grown in a protected nature reserve, where the plants are given free reign to mingle with the native fauna and flora as Nature intended, adding a delicate layer of flavors absorbed from the undisturbed environment. With every sip, you’ll taste the passion and dedication that went into our mate.

Brewing notes

No need to use fully heated water with this mate — around 155—160ºF (71ºc) is all that’s needed to liberate those subtle floral flavors of sweet hay, toast, and soft citrus.

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