Cultyvada Mint

Silky mint chocolate patties.



Dreaming of Peppermint Chocolate Patties 

Ethereal layers of chocolate peppermint softly strewn between bready, nutty, malty body. Complex and sophistication beautifully achieved between mint and malt.  

Cultyvada Mint Erva Mate

If you’re new to erva, these whispers of mint tell a refined and elegant story.  The subtle game of hide-and-seek between the chocolate and mint and sweetness is intoxicating, particularly if you’re fortunate enough to enjoy from a cuia and bomba. Each cycle unfolding another page, coaxing your senses with the softest strokes of flavors. It’s okay, this isn’t a dream. It’s here and now. Enjoy the fruits of Southern Brazil where some of the finest erva is produced.

Cultyvada x Circle of Drink

Cultyvada Mint Yerba Mate

In 2020 we partnered with Cultyvada farm of IlĂłpolis, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. For over 60 years, Cultyvada has been at the fore of gourmet erva mate in Brazil. They are known for their silky smooth and subtle ervas, with both traditional (nativa) and modern blends.


Erva mate from IlĂłpolis, Brazil, peppermint.


How to Prepare Erva Mate

Enjoy hot or cold.

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