Green Tea Guarana Berry Matebags

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Strolling Through the Amazon

A beautiful convergence of Eastern and Southern traditional medicinals with green tea, guarana berry, yerba mate and mint. A touch of sweet tanginess from the guarana paired with robust and earthy yerba mate green tea, experience a complex and well balanced flavor profile with crisp florals and all manner of subtle hints of the Amazon. Every sips transports you to the forest. Let’s go for a stroll, shall we?

Green Tea, Guarana, Mint, Yerba Mate Teabags

Green Tea, Guarana, Mint, Yerba Mate Teabags


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A Touch of Sweetness x Rich Earthy Body

Green Tea, Guarana, Mint, Yerba Mate Teabags

Preparation notes

Brew 1 bag per 8–10 oz with 180ºF, 82ºC for hot tea. For iced tea, brew hot, then allow to cool and add ice. Also consider cold brewing with cold or room temperature water for several hours, then storing in the fridge for up to 5 days. Brew between 3–10 minutes depending on desired strength. Optionally, keep the teabag in your cup while drinking. Experiment with using the same teabag for multiple brews until taste has dissipated.


Brazilian yerba mate, guarana berry, mint, green tea.

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