Harmony Journey of Souls Cup


Edition of 2 • Harmony Emblem from Spirit World • 8oz Capacity • Alpaca Steel Brim • Includes Journey of Soul Book • Non returnable

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8 Sacred Emblems in your Hands

Before you were born, where were you? After your body expires, where are you going? In Michael Newton Ph.d’s seminal work on the afterlife, these questions are answered first-hand by a selection of inquiring participants who dared to explore past life regressions and report back what they learned from their previous lives.

The similarities of experiences, environments and details of these worlds from the hundreds of participants are too many to call coincidence. We are not only these physical bodies, but Spirits traveling through time and space, oftentimes in groups.

In Newton’s second book, we learn of several sacred emblems shared with various participants. The details and significance of these symbols were not clear, but I interpreted them as call to actions or banners to signify your mission in life.

Resonance is Everything

Good? Bad? Up? Down? All concepts of the human mind. More than any single cause or effect in life, it all comes down to harmony — our combined ability to resonate with each other. Harmony is either achieved or we’re left with chaos and anger and all the myriad forms of not feeling well. To seek harmony is to seek peace, within ourselves and amongst others. I truly believe that our mere existence on Earth has much to do with learning how to work with other Souls in amicable and peaceful ways, beyond all outward physical, sexual, and financial representation. May this cup bring the necessary harmony into your life to achieve everything you desire.

Harmony Journey of Souls Cups - Limited Edition of 2 - Fall Winter 21/22 Collection

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Journey of Souls Cup Edition of 2. Calabash yerba mate Cup.


  • Hunter Journey of Souls Cup
  • Journey of Souls Book (paperback)
  • Certificate of Authenticity

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