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Certified organic yerba mate delivering a classical Argentine taste.

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Certified Organic Yerba Mate Tea


Sourced from local farmers in Misiones, Argentina, and grown under the strictness standards, many mate enthusiasts (Materos) proudly call Mission “the best yerba mate in the world.”

Mission Organic Yerba Mate Tea by Circleofdrink.com

So maybe you’re wondering what is yerba mate? Yerba mate tea is like no other tea on Earth. Mate tea comes from South America — Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. It’s a holly tree native to the Amazonian Rain Forest, consumed for thousands of years by the indigenous tribes of the region.


Our organic yerba mate tea is the best you can find. Our customers from all over the world have shared their love and enthusiasm of our products — not only for our Mission Organic Yerba Mate, but our many blends of organic yerba mate.


Unlike traditional green tea, black tea, and coffee, yerba mate stands alone when it comes to providing sustainable, clean energy that lasts all day without any nasty jitters and crashing effects that accompany other stimulants.


Yes, yerba mate contains caffeine, but the caffein in yerba mate works differently. Scientists and regular yerba mate drinkers speculate that this is due to the other compounds in mate that actually relax the mind and body, as well as stimulate, simultaneously. This is the “magic” of yerba mate discussed in depth in the first yerba mate book written by Circle of Drink, Mateology (2013).


Yerba mate has a long list of impressive health benefits. Think about all the health benefits you’ve heard about acai, green tea, goji berries, etc., over the years. Well, yerba mate has been shown to have higher antioxidant capacity than all of those.

Here are a few quotes about yerba mate’s spectacular health benefits from notable scientist and institutions.


“There’re so many wonderful benefits to this plant. In fact, yerba mate is the plant that has the most nutrients of any plant grown on this Earth; any vegetable that you can eat, it has more nutrients in it…it’s full of vitamins and it doesn’t give you the jitters although it has the same amount of caffeine [as coffee], because it’s nutrifying your cells.”
—Dr. Theresa Ramsey, Center for Natural Healing

“It is difficult to find a plant in any area of the world equal to Mate in nutritional value.”
—Pasteur Institute and the Paris Scientific Society

The benefits of yerba mate simply can’t be ignored. Try our organic yerba mate today and see for yourself. Not only may you experience improved health, but yerba mate’s ability to forge friendships and community have an added benefit that’s beyond the physical body.

There’s a reason why mate has been called The Drink of Friendship.


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