Handcrafted alpaca bombilla from Argentina. Every sip is light on your lips.

Every sip is light on your lips

Softer than traditional stainless steel, we've handcrafted each Serrano bombilla with the finest alpaca metal. The handle alone is a work of art, with finely intricate designs and patterns, no bombilla is quite the same. The time and effort put into making these is truly a labor of love. With high quality alpaca, you'll literally feel the quality as you hold this traditional yerba mate straw. The spout is tapered flat, making the sip light on your lips. An acutely curved filter (aka "pick bombilla") is designed to help you easily scrape yerba from the gourd.


At 6.49 in / 16.5 cm, they are idea for small to medium-sized gourds. Handle design, shaft length, and spout may vary, as these are handmade bombillas. serrano-top-2 serrano-ying serrano-3 serrano-top serrano1 Serrano Handcrafted Alpaca Yerba Mate Bombilla serrano-4 serrano5 serrano-side-filter serrano6 serrano-bombilla-in-hand

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